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Put your skills to test with The E3 Challenge! Every summer, energetic and committed youth between the ages of 16-20 are divided into teams to compete with one another in three distinct business challenges - each with its own unique characteristics. The challenges range from direct sales to new product development proposals. Working in real-life situations not only helps our participants broaden their technical skills, it also gives them an opportunity to build new friendships and develop important "soft" skills that are often overlooked.

In addition to the challenge, a support system of mentors, workshops and seminars makes this competition a valuable learning experience. Judged on leadership, adaptability and teamwork, a winning team is selected at the end of three rounds of competition.

The E3 Challenge is a leadership development project under Power Unit Youth Organization. It was created to support Power Unit Youth Organization's mission by promoting entrepreneurship, empowerment and excellence in youth.


Past Mentors


Alexandra Lam

The Mentor experience, I loved it! My team is Team C.L.E.A.R – CLEARLY incredible, the winning team of the 2014 challenge.  I had so much fun with them in the six weeks that we spent together!  The time we spent together, conversations we had, the personal experiences gained, knowing that they are all on their journey to success in the future from The E3 challenge gives me joy.  No matter where everyone is now, I am sure they will have gained an experience or two in life,  and these are the most valuable relationships that have been gained, developed, happiness shared, that words cannot simply describe.  Not only were the Participants motivated, hardworking, united, exquisite, creative, and most of all, beautiful inside out, but the Peer Advisors were also jolly ecstatically driven.


Roman Cezar

As a mentor, you are given the chance to have an impact on the growth of your mentees. You are able to share your experience and knowledge with them. When taking a close look at their behaviours, you also take the time to look back at your own. Not only is it a development opportunity for your mentees, it is also one for yourself. You look back at how you communicate with them; discovering what is the most effective way to get your message across and get your team to see you point. It is also a chance for you to develop your EQ, as sympathy and understanding play an important role when trying to push them forward. Finally, you have a chance to take part in the amazing challenges that your team is on. Frankly, I wish that I had the opportunities presented to them when I was their age!


Gary Li

As an E3 Mentor, I was pleasantly reminded of the creativity and resourcefulness of which young individuals are capable. Some of my participants impressed me with their ambition and leadership potential. Others impressed me with their efficiency and project management skills. All of them impressed me with their courage to overcome their weaknesses and fears as they became more confident in themselves.

My team won the 2013 E3 Challenge, but win or lose, I could not be more proud of their development as individuals and as a team. Three of my participants have immediately moved on to take important leadership roles in the E3 Challenge organizing team or other areas of PUYO.

The experience was equally rewarding for me, as I had the opportunity to work with other strong mentors and a pair of very dedicated peer advisors who care greatly about youth development.


Matthew Wai

The challenges definitely contributed to my team’s development in ways that the normal school curriculum would never have. I think some of the most important skills in today’s society are adaptation and teamwork. Although it may not have been a highlighted development skill in E3, it is vital to the younger generation. Businesses are starting to use social media, working with people across the globe, and assigning tasks that an employee may not have been normally responsible for. I feel that in order to succeed in today’s market, a candidate’s soft skills are just as, if not more important than their technical skills. The E3 was able to challenge my team by having them work with different personalities, adapt to the quickly changing environment of “Night It Up” on a daily basis, and most importantly, work in a team to accomplish the challenge. As many members of my team quickly learned, these challenges are not able to be completed by themselves (like some high school projects) and must utilize their team members. The teams that were able to identify a team leader and work effectively together typically came out stronger in presenting their challenges.


Interested in being a Mentor? Please contact Helen Hu at helen.hu@power-unit.org for more information about this year's opportunities!


Alumni Testimony


​“Participating in E3 really opened up my eyes and gave me a chance to explore the many facets of business first hand by working with industry professionals. I was able to develop and strengthen myself in many areas from formal business writing, to time management. The support from the mentors and organizers and overall positive vibe further fostered my entrepreneurial spirit and gave me a summer I surely will never forget.” -Hanyu


​​“I competed in The E3 Challenge in 2010, was Chairperson from 2011-2013, and then returned as a peer advisor in 2015. I always find myself coming back because I firmly believe in what The E3 Challenge values and I always learn something new. Looking back on my time as a participant, the coaching I got from my mentor and peer advisors helped me grow as a leader, made me a better communicator, and taught me important lessons in humility and putting things into perspective." -Christina





“On behalf of the TELUS team, I had a great time working with the E3 organizing primes and student teams. We were very impressed by the detailed marketing strategies that the teams developed under tight timelines and the level of professionalism showcased during the challenge presentations. Not only did the students highlight new marketing insights that we will incorporate into future campaigns, but it was also very rewarding to see the students develop their marketing skills during the challenge. Congrats and a job well done to all the 2013 E3 teams!”

- Ashley Cameron, Multicultural Marketing, TELUS




Hands-On Projects - Assist E3 participants in obtaining practical experience through working with your company’s established product lines and services. Allow the youths to implement their ideas and observe the results of their efforts first hand.

Professional Feedback - Take part in evaluating E3 participants’ performance. Provide professional feedback to E3 participants and help them further their development.

Invest in Our Community’s Youths - Your participation in The E3 Challenge provides a valuable learning experience to many ambitious youths. Cookie-cutter type textbook education no longer suffices in equipping youths with the necessary tools to succeed. Help us make learning fun and project your company as the driving force behind youth-empowering initiatives.

Reach Out to the Youth Market - Through the projects, allow the youths to familiarize with your products and services first hand. Get them involved, engaged, and leave a lasting impression!


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Apply to be a Participant, Peer Advisor, or Mentor today! (Peer Advisor and Mentor position details can be found in the application form). For more information, please contact e3challenge@power-unit.org

  • Peer Advisor applications due: May 10, 2016
  • Mentor applications : Ongoing
  • Participant applications due: June 10, 2016

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